The World’s First Crowd-Flyable Satellite!

We want to build and launch a CubeSat unlike any other before. 

In addition to the standard necessary subsystems, there will be a dedicated user-accessible on-board computer; through using this computer we will provide access to anyone able and willing to develop and upload their own mission software. This will allow them to control the satellite, commanding spacecraft subsystems and payload instruments to perform tasks within operational safety margins. Such a platform will be the first dedicated to providing an opportunity for the masses to try their skills at software development and mission operations directly in the space environment. 

The primary strength of this mission design is that it will drastically lower the barrier for parties and individuals interested in creating their own projects in space, both financially and logistically. We will also make accessing it as easy as logging into a web server VM. Here is the layout of our system – nothing overly complex:

Of course, things in practice are not as easy as they appear in theory. Inviting people not previously familiar with requirements of software development for demanding conditions of space environment to upload their software to our satellite is a sure way to prematurely end its mission in its first week, if not the hour. So, there is a need to design the entire system in such a way that the probability of such an outcome is minimized. 

Everything matters – from the choice of programming language for the users to the quality of ground verification and validation pipeline and robustness of satellite itself in the case of unforeseen operational scenarios. We will elaborate on those details in the later posts. 

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