Thanks, ESA!

European Space Agency offered us an opportunity to present our concept for a chance to test it on the OPS-SAT mission. This is going to happen during their workshop in Darmstadt, on June 18 and the tickets to Germany are already booked!

A few words about OPS-SAT: it is a small satellite, 3U cubesat with the deployable solar panels, fitted with a number of payload instruments such as optical imaging camera, fine-guidance attitude control system, and various radio and optical communication equipment, scheduled to launch in Q4 2019.

OPS-SAT mission is very similar to ours, that is having an ability to safely run third-party software code on its flight computer and use any of the payload instruments. You can read more about OPS-SAT here:

Our goal is to test a part of our technology, specifically the mission envelope protection middleware that would allow the relatively inexperienced users to safely operate our future satellite in space using the mission software they can develop. Once we can demonstrate that is possible to achieve the required levels of safety and reliability for user software operations, it would be a big step forward to make our goal a reality – to allow anyone in the world to be able to control a real spacecraft in orbit around Earth and beyond!