Our First Mission – Press Release

17thJuly, 2019


Exodus Orbitals Announces Revolutionary Satellite Mission

Exodus Orbitals is pleased to announce their first mission, a “crowd-flyable” CubeSat.

In 2020, citizen scientists, students, and professionals alike will have the opportunity to upload and run their own mission software on an Exodus Orbitals satellite, to put spacecraft subsystems to the test directly in the space environment.

Exodus Orbitals foresees that this revolutionary concept will evolve into a complete development pipeline in space, with:

  • Fully-automated building, testing, and deployment facilities.
  • An easy-to-use web-based front-end.
  • Commercial application development possibilities.

In June, the European Space Agency approved to fly aboard their OPS-SAT spacecraft a piece of critical Exodus Orbitals technology, a hardware-independent software runtime. The OPS-SAT mission is scheduled to launch in late 2019.

About Exodus Orbitals

Exodus Orbitals is a private British-Canadian aerospace company that was founded in 2018. Starting with the launch of their first satellite in 2020, they aim to make participation in space exploration accessible to everyone.

For more information, visit www.exodusorbitals.com or find us on social media – @exodusorbitals