NOVA Mission Goals

The primary goal of our mission, NOVA, is to radically lower the entry barrier for parties and people interested in conducting their own research and projects in space.

Currently, it requires an incredible amount of time and effort to deploy and operate any kind of instrument in space, even on the smallest possible satellite, and the mission payload is accessible to the few, not the many.

NOVA will create numerous opportunities for both companies and individuals alike, opening up the doors to space for people that previously could not afford access to this type of technology. 

What we can offer in the long run is a “satellite-as-a-service” system, with our space and ground infrastructure becoming a revolutionary new development platform. NOVA is a proof of concept, that if successful, will become a precursor to an untold number of missions with diverse payload types and features available for customers to utilise.

Examples of potential instruments include:

  • AIS and ADS-B receivers
  • Laser and SDR transceivers for IoT connectivity
  • Earth observation cameras
  • Astronomical observation cameras
  • Particle detectors

Universities will be able to grant their students access to a software development platform that operates in the space environment, giving them direct experience with real satellite hardware and satellite operations. The system could also be used as a qualification and test platform for high-risk/high-impact projects from existing aerospace businesses.

These are but a few examples.

NOVA will unlock an almost endless list of possibilities that we are excited to anticipate.