Press Release – Another Client MoU Signed!

We are pleased to announce that we have signed another Memorandum of Understanding.

KP Labs intend to use our “satellite-as-a-service” solution to assist the development of their own on-board computer software; mission architects and engineers will be able to utilise it to create software for complex missions with the building blocks that KP Labs provides. These building blocks not only support rapid software development with ready-to-use features (like logging, scheduling, testing, communication), easy to set up hardware, an in-the-loop testing environment and/or software simulator environment, it is also an easy way of creating custom drivers and components for custom hardware.

About KP Labs

KP Labs is an innovative NewSpace company based in Poland. Their mission is to accelerate space exploration through the advancement of autonomous spacecraft operations, and robotic technology. KP labs expertise includes, but is not limited to, flight software, hyperspectral imaging instruments, AI algorithms, and high-efficiency Leopard processing units enabling on-board data processing. For more information, visit

About Exodus Orbitals

Exodus Orbitals is a British-Canadian space startup with the mission of making space exploration accessible for everyone through the development of a “satellite-as-a-service” software hosting platform in space. Our solution is based onsoftware-defined satellite technology that is being developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency. For more information, visit