Our Thoughts On Recent Events

It is hard to ignore the humanity’s ongoing battle with the coronavirus pandemic, but we wanted to express our opinion in a balanced view, without falling victim to either underreaction or overreaction.  The overall situation is indeed serious and requires trust of recommendations from medical authorities, even if they appear contradictive and inconclusive sometimes.  Why? Because despite their personal flaws and incomplete knowledge  – they are still domain experts and are best equipped to solve this problem.

The second major point we want to stress – keep doing what you are doing, despite unfavourable circumstances. Adapt to the changing conditions and act accordingly to reduce the health risks, but don’t stop pursuing your goals and dreams. Even if you project may be unrelated to the current struggles of our world, it will matter in the long run, after the current storm will pass. If your business can survive in the worst of the times, it will grow a lot more in the times of plenty. 

With all the best wishes,

Exodus Orbitals team