Announcing Our Crowdfunding Campaign

Next month, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign for NOVA, our crowd-flyable CubeSat.

The primary goal of this campaign will be to fund the supporting infrastructure for the mission. This will include a satellite assembly lab and ground station, plus the remaining assets typically required for any mission of this kind.

We also have something to offer for backers that are interested in developing their own missions.

The highest-tier reward of the crowdfunding campaign will be microNOVA, a CubeSat development kit packed into a 3D printed 1U (10 x 10 x 10 cm) frame. This hardware product can be utilised for fast prototyping of CubeSat-specific applications, algorithms, or mission scenarios. Plus, software created through this development kit will be compatible with our future orbital mission, NOVA, that we aim to launch in Q4 2021!

microNOVA Specifications

  • Primary Onboard Computer (ARM CPU)
  • 9-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit
  • GPS Receiver
  • Software Defined Radio Receiver
  • Imaging Camera
  • Battery Pack (for autonomous operations)
  • Software Included
    1. Linux Operating System
    2. NOVA Software Development Kit

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