A Request For Assistance

We are building something amazing. Something that everyone who cares about space exploration will love. Something that will open untold opportunities for everyone on our planet, rich and poor alike.

We have presented our vision to many space exploration enthusiasts, software developers and aerospace engineers. They all agreed that our idea is a real breakthrough one and has solid technical foundation.

We are making good progress in our technology development and expect to start mission operations on a real satellite soon. Our finances are tight, but we’ll survive into the next year.

In other words, a typical start-up story. So far, so good. But there is one ingredient that we need some help with from our network.

Exposure. We are looking to increase our visibility among the peers. We have a great vision and good traction, but we want more people to learn about us. If there any tech journalists or social media influencers reading this, we would appreciate very much giving us an opportunity to share our story to the wider audience.

Contact us at contact@exodusorbitals.com if you are interested.