A New Chapter In Our Story Begins!

We are pleased to announce that Exodus Orbitals has been selected to join Moonshot business incubator alongside other innovative new space companies around the world. We are proud that Exodus Orbitals is one of the two Canadian companies selected to participate in this 12-week program. 

We are building the “next cool thing” in space, a “Satellite-As-A-Service” platform that will allow hands-on participation in space exploration to millions of software developers worldwide. In this manner, thousands of new and exciting satellite applications can be created with minimal efforts and cost required.

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/35522580/
Twititer: https://twitter.com/exodusorbitals

Taking Pre-Orders For Our NOVA Mission Now!

You can now pre-order orbit time on our future satellites directly, starting with NOVA cubesat to be launched by the end 2021.

You will get control panel web-accessible UI, where you can control the satellite directly or upload the command scripts to its onboard computer.

You only need to pay 20% of the orbit access cost at the time of the purchase, with remaining part due by the date of satellite launch.

The pre-order reservation is valid for 24 months and will be fully refunded if our satellite doesn’t launch before 31 December 2022

Pre order here!

A Request For Assistance

We are building something amazing. Something that everyone who cares about space exploration will love. Something that will open untold opportunities for everyone on our planet, rich and poor alike.

We have presented our vision to many space exploration enthusiasts, software developers and aerospace engineers. They all agreed that our idea is a real breakthrough one and has solid technical foundation.

We are making good progress in our technology development and expect to start mission operations on a real satellite soon. Our finances are tight, but we’ll survive into the next year.

In other words, a typical start-up story. So far, so good. But there is one ingredient that we need some help with from our network.

Exposure. We are looking to increase our visibility among the peers. We have a great vision and good traction, but we want more people to learn about us. If there any tech journalists or social media influencers reading this, we would appreciate very much giving us an opportunity to share our story to the wider audience.

Contact us at contact@exodusorbitals.com if you are interested.

“Satellite-as-a-Service” Talk Repeated

Missed our “Satellite-as-a-Service” talk? No worries, you will get another opportunity next Friday, July 31st at 13:00 EDT/18:00 BST! 

Click below to register:

Talk synopsis:
– Current challenges of spaceflight
– “Satellite-as-a-Service” advatanges
– Basic celestial mechanics
– Common satellite instruments
– “Space Apps”: core concepts and examples
– Current state of the “Satellite-as-a-service” tech
– The team behind the vision
– Final words